Posted by: Duke | September 19, 2008

Friday Thai

Hey Crew,

We are hitting up the local Thai place in North Epping for dinner, so bring $10 and don’t eat beforehand.

So turn up to church and we will chill and encourage the Juice crew for a little, then head up the road.

Also tonight, after dinner we are going to head back down to church and talk about next term. If you have ideas about what you want to do, we want to hear them as we look forward.

Some questions to think about:

  • What book of the bible do you want to know more about? And/or what issues are you dealing with that you want to know what Jesus has to say about?
  • What activities/themes/outings would you like to do? (i.e. if you could plan a whole night what would it be?)
  • How do you want to be involved in each Friday night? (e.g. Bringing food, sharing your thoughts on an issue or topic, hosting a night of fresh, etc)

I’m looking forward to sharing a meal together with you all and hearing your feedback and ideas for next term.



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