Posted by: Duke | December 4, 2007

Fresh Nite Out + Permission

Hey Crew, It’s only 3 sleeps until the inaugural Fresh Nite Out. If you check out the pervious post you will find a flyer for it. In addition to that flyer I request that you fill in the attached Permission Form and bring it with you on friday. Just some extra details and reminders; don’t forget to bring a sleeping mat and bag if you can, also your swimmers and boardies. We will be heading back to North Epping at 11 so you should be home no later than 12. I am still needing one or two parents to give lifts, and just to make sure we have enough transport.  Keep inviting your friends. It’s gonna rock!! Duke



  1. heya mate just woundering if u could send me what time we are leaving or getting there on fri

  2. we are mtg at 6:30 will get to the venue about 7:15-30

  3. hey mate, it seem that im having a few problems wif
    reading the permission note blog, so is it cool if i just get a not signed from mi olds, and how many spare seats do u have……….


  4. Hey Lloyd, That will be fine. the note should read like this:

    I _________ the parent/guardian of Lloyd give permission for him to participate in the Fresh Nite Out in Narrabeen on the
    7-8th of December.
    I understand that the necessary transportation will be provided by leaders in private


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