Posted by: Duke | November 6, 2007

Heart Support

Life can be hard, sin sucks and makes things messy.

Our lives are affected by all of the bad stuff going on, we are rejected, we aren’t loved, ignored, the list goes on.

Instead of trusting God often we turn to other things for comfort or do things to get attention.

We become addicts whether to alcohol, drugs, porn, overeating, gambling.

To get attention, we cut, urn or harm ourselves, become anorexic or bulimic.

Maybe you’re facing depression or thoughts of suicide.

You can feel alone, or ashamed about these things, and that makes it hard to share with anyone, even your closest friends and family.

Possibly sharing anonymously will be a way for you to at least start to share, so others can help. Share with God, He is our source of comfort.

A place where you can share is

Check it out.

Also if you do want to share your struggles, know that myself and the other leaders are here to help, and to give an ear.

Here is a video to give you a brief look.


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