Posted by: Duke | September 11, 2007

Something for Friday

Hey Crew,

This friday we are hanging out at Kate’s, next to the Brown’s where we were last week. Thanks to the crew that showed up on friday, the weather was terrible, and i realise many of you were away, but we had a relaxing APEC evening.

This week it is time to bring in your boxes for Operation Christmas Child, so team up, sort it out and bring them along. Tell the others to remind them too. Should be great, it fantastic we can give to others in this really practical way.

Scott will be coming along this week too and sharing about Jesus and Demons, should be good. Have a read of one of the times Jesus encounters some evil spirits in Mark 1:21-28, 5:1-20, 9:14-32 .

Also it would be great if you can put your thinking caps on and work out a plan for next week, we are having an more outreach focused week and need both a location to go to and thing to do. My initial thought is to have a cafe style night, with deserts and drinks to enjoy around tables. Where could we do this so it feels intimate?? Tells us your ideas in the comments.




  1. whats the operation christman child?

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