Posted by: Duke | August 14, 2007

This week at Fresh

Hey Crew,

Yet another week has come and been. Friday we were reminded its not th stuff that goes into our bodies, whether food or drink or our society that makes us dirty, but what come out of us that makes us dirty, the things from our heart. Stuff Like, slander, gossip, cruel joking, malice, etc. It was a good reminder for us to be different to the world around us, that we should be careful with our words.

Today I was struck again about how I use my words. Am I someone who is thankful for what God has done in my life and the things that He provides for me? I had to conclude not often. Too often I am a whinger and ungrateful. I am also critical of many things. Always looking for the errors rather than rejoicing in the goodness. In class we were looking at Numbers, the Israelites were hanging out in the desert, and God was providing all that they needed, but they complained and wished to return to Egypt and harsh slavery so that they could have a taste of meat, a rare luxury when they were there. They weren’t content with God freeing them from slavery and His promise to take them to a land flowing with milk and honey (i.e. a fertile and prosperous land). They didn’t trust God in what he could do, they even scouted out the land and decided that it was an awesome place but the people living there were too powerful for them to remove. This whole time the complained to God when the land was just over the river ready to be taken. Today we have even more to be thankful for, God has sent his Son, Jesus, who lived a perfect life, said amazing things, did amazing things, the greatest of those being his death on the cross and His rising from the dead 3 days later. Jesus has conquered sin, death and the devil for us, he has brought forgiveness and the sure hope of eternal life. What an amazing gift, how can we not be thankful. Too often I find myself complaining about something that I’m not happy about, usually it’s cause I’m selfish and not thankful for what God has given me. My challenge for you and myself is to consider: What can I be thankful for? What should I stop whining about?

This week at fresh we will be checking out the disciples again and checking if they have changed now that they have worked out who Jesus is, The Son of God. I will be looking at a few spots but if you want to read a section now check out Mark 14:12-42.

Remember, bring:

  • $2
  • a mate
  • a bible
  • a heart and mind ready to be transformed by Jesus.

And we’ll be at Macca’s, so i will see you all there on friday



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