Posted by: Duke | December 7, 2008

Creation –> Sin –> Jesus Vid

Posted by: Duke | November 25, 2008

Chillaxing at Geoff’s

Hey Crew,img_1839

Hope you have had a good week so far!

This week we are heading to Geoff’s place to chill out and relax. It will be the last night that we are together as Fresh (cause next week we are joining Juice and possibly some others and Greg Cooper is coming to play for our final week).

Jon will be sharing from Genesis 12. So grab a bible and check it out beforehand.

I look forward to see you all at Geoff’s, If you need his address, contact me.


Posted by: Duke | November 18, 2008

Build a Large Tower

Hey Crew,p1010172

This week Fresh returns after a weeks break.

This week we hit Genesis 11 and its all about a big tower that some people built. And we have been building them ever since. Each year there is a taller, bigger, fancier tower being built. Man loves to build into the sky, so we thought we could check out our building skills and build our own towers with JENGA blocks.

So come along at 7 with $2 and with a friend.

Beware, I am the JENGA master.


Posted by: Duke | November 13, 2008


Just a friendly reminder that there is no fresh this Friday cause of the church weekend away at Toowoon Bay.

Have a fun weekend.


Posted by: Duke | October 31, 2008


Thought I would remind you of a post I made last year about Halloween for those who are curious about it and want to know what Christians think about it.


Posted by: Duke | October 30, 2008

Living for a Cause

Hey Crew,

This week at fresh we are going to be heading into Epping and buying items for Christmas presents to send to kids overseas who are living in poverty as part of Operation Christmas Child. So bring a bluey ($10) to buy some gifts. This is a great cause to be a part of.

We will be meeting at church then heading out from there.

Later on we will be checking out why the world is still stuffed up and seemignly getting worse. Is there anything that can be done? Can I do anything to help?

Check out Genesis 4 to see what the deal is.


Posted by: Duke | October 21, 2008

The Universe and all that.

Hey Crew,

This Friday we are hitting up the observatory at Maquarie Uni.

It will be a great opportunity to view the vastness of God’s beautiful creation and spend time talking about how it got stuffed up.

The cost of the nigth will be $5 and we will meet there.

The Observatory is located here.

Photo Source: Here.
Posted by: Duke | October 14, 2008

New Term, Same Jesus

Hey Crew,

So its now Term 4, how time flies, some of you are hitting up the HSC and that will be a great challenge. Others will be wanting to be called year 12 but you are still year 11 to me. And the year 10 crew have their school certificate, but dont stress too much about it.

We are looking at Genesis this term. I love Genesis, so much drama and excitment. Joy and despair, pain yet grace. Join us as we look at the beginning.

The Term Details have been updated, so check out what’s on.


Posted by: Duke | September 22, 2008

Rock Climbing

Hey Crew,

This Friday we are heading to the Edge rock climbing centre.

The cost will be $13 and you must have a signed entry form to climb (download pdf).

The place is located at Unit 9 / 10 Hudson Ave Castle Hill.

After we will head to Macca’s near Castle Hill Towers, so bring some money for that too if you want and if you are being picked up, then tell your parents to find you there.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Posted by: Duke | September 19, 2008

Friday Thai

Hey Crew,

We are hitting up the local Thai place in North Epping for dinner, so bring $10 and don’t eat beforehand.

So turn up to church and we will chill and encourage the Juice crew for a little, then head up the road.

Also tonight, after dinner we are going to head back down to church and talk about next term. If you have ideas about what you want to do, we want to hear them as we look forward.

Some questions to think about:

  • What book of the bible do you want to know more about? And/or what issues are you dealing with that you want to know what Jesus has to say about?
  • What activities/themes/outings would you like to do? (i.e. if you could plan a whole night what would it be?)
  • How do you want to be involved in each Friday night? (e.g. Bringing food, sharing your thoughts on an issue or topic, hosting a night of fresh, etc)

I’m looking forward to sharing a meal together with you all and hearing your feedback and ideas for next term.


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